Biograd na Moru  
In an area that is so full of natural marvels, it is hardly possible to pick up out the one jewel other things that glitter. May however see it is in the crown fashioned of 147 silvery fragments in the unique and mysterious Kornati archipelago to which Biograd na Moru is the genuine doorway.

In the Mediterranean,  which  gave  birth
to all the gods and the essential things of Western civilisation, temporal relations can hardly be measured by mainland chronometers. It is hardly to be wondered at, then, that the town of Biograd na Moru has been keeping humankind company for three millennia by now, as well as by the Croats, who for the last 13 centuries have been looking after the continuity of Mediterranean culture in its Adriatic variant in the area, this has been engraved into the memory of the town by the Eastern Goths, the Romans, the Greeks and the Illyrian Liburnian people.
Biograd na Moru underwent its greatest flowering when it was capital of the medieval Croatian kings, with the King of Croatia and Hungary, Koloman, being actually crowned in the city 1102. There are a great many fascinating memories of the rich and stormy history of the region of Biograd na Moru kept in the superbly interesting local museum.
Of the ancient buildings of Biograd na Moru only the Basilica of St. John (11th century) survived the Venetian sacking of the town in 1125. On the other hand, on the nearby island of Pasman there is still the 800 year old monastery of St. Kuzma and St. Damjan, as well as the slightly more recent (14th century) Franciscan monastery of St. Dujam. In neighbouring Vrana the medieval walls of the Knights Templar still defy time together with the Turkish caravansary in Maskovic, talking volumes of the clash of civilisations that occurred not so long ago, and so far away from the coast of the Adriatic and the town of Biograd na Moru.
  Marina Kornati  
Marina Kornati situated at the entrance in National park Kornati. Marina has round 500 places, organized parking space, restaurant, toilets, reception with information centre organized complete maintenance, crane, needle for mast placing, hangar, and place to store boats ashore during the winter.
Inside of Marina Kornati you'll find the head office of ASC Yachting.